The Hate Eighties ft JP​-​E vs Bobby Raygun - Modern Life

from by The Hate Eighties

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"It's an odd thing, isn't it? I know it's kind of wrong but I can't help it. I DO believe I'm special. I know we're all sort of brought up to believe that these days, but for me it's actually true! It's like everyone but me is the exception that proves the rule." -Juliet Francis


Verse 1
This here’s the brother you’re wantin’, bae
Don’t take no chances with your romances
I see the love in your eyes when you see my Cryståise
Let’s see if I can make some time for you
I’ll buy you and your girl some bub
I flash more green than the traffic light
Down in the club there’s no line and there’s no closing time
Maybe I could make you my VIP

I just can’t face it!
What is it you can’t face?
I just can’t face it!

I’m in denial!
I just can’t face it!
What is it you can’t face?
I just can’t face it!
Modern life!

Verse 2
(Bobby Raygun)
Where the girls at?

I got more rhymes than a ride’s got thrills
Satisfied, gratified, like ringing tills
Throw off your diamonds. Throw off your pills.
The early bird catches the girls.
Set you down on ma’ ‘W’ linen.
First to the finish line. Baby, I’m winnin’
Angel tonight, but I got you sinnin’
A hundred to one, but ‘You’re one in a million’
And I want my LA mocking jay.
Hentai? Oh my! What we do today?
Got so many hanz that they call me mr zimmer.
A dream inside a dream. Watch me waving in the mirror.
Temperature is higher than a m*********ckin’ fever
Phone camera flash got you shakin’ like a seizure
Star 69 so we can both be the receiver
Kneel down at my alter I’ll make you a believer.

Modern life!
Can’t face it! Can’t face it! x2


from POW, released October 9, 2015




The Hate Eighties Glasgow, UK

The Hate Eighties are archeologists of the future using the prism of the past to reflect a bleak present you just haven't realised you live in yet.

The Hate Eighties are an everymedia project designed for full audience interaction. They are fashion, sex, power, microwaves, tropical holidays, TV celebrity worship, and working/sleeping/recreation for eight hours apiece.

They are your life.
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