The Hate Eighties ft PL​-​ease and Teeth Collider - LONDON

from by The Hate Eighties

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"I feel so lucky to be here. The centre of the world, pretty much. This is where everyone wants to be. Literally everyone else just wishes they were here, and I get to live it. I'm sitting here with an £87 whisky, looking out across the river at Westminster Palace and everyone around me is beautiful and alive. Everyone here is so alive! This is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm going to enjoy every single second of it because I know just how lucky I am. I'm not sure everyone here gets that, but I do. Envy of the bloody world we are! I'm so lucky!" -Casper Stevenson


I’ve been to London, I know what it’s like
Just keep your head down and you, you live your life
The worlds a circle with a cross inside
We’re one big target. Wake up! It’s time to die!

Verse 1
Got a tiny flat for the price of a castle
Damp on the walls. Just a sink in the bathroom
(Teeth Collider)
The roads less travelled
Full of danger and mystery
(Teeth Collider)
Well, the roads most traveled are
Quite often touristy
Food so good that it’s almost sickening
Check out the museum of Natural History
Go and see a show at the fashionable West End
(Teeth Collider)
You pick the right one
You might see a legend
(Teeth Collider)
Go and have some laughter at the comedy store
Have a drink in Soho if you want to be bored
Travel on the tube if you’re going far
Save a bit of money with an Oyster card!


Verse 2
(Teeth Collider)
Yo! Yo!
It’s out bread disease, grown immune to fire
They stamp down the dead while the buildings get higher
You call me a taxi,
(Teeth Collider)
I’ll call you a liar
If you think your journey’s worth a single penny to the buyer
A scar of tiny tumours, a recursive perpendicular
The cattle runs to bolt guns on the North Circular
A life spent in orbit. A treadmill, sugar coated,
And every place you think you have to be is unimportant.
Mass unemployment and class disappointment equals metaphysical education rollin’ station to station as you run out of patience in the mud, trash, rot and heavy water, cause the Thames is full of blood and the mayor’s a fuckin’ rotter.


Verse 3
(Teeth Collider)
Neo-pagans are cut rate Fagin’s holdin’ stay-ins in the shape of pretty vacants who display no affectations of abatin’, hatin’ the waste taste the position their parents paid, prayed, faked and raped to obtain them
Well a network of agents choke down libations. Reptilian inclinations awaiting their transformation. ‘Cause outside the water’s raising to wash away foundations to leave you drowning and waving. We’re just bait for the next stage in the manifestation of the hex, sex and death of the pyramid x-ray. The Centre Point death ray. Comets smear the blackened sky and where are heroes. Not here, no no just Nero fat Ground Zero fiddling as the shuttle hits.
One last gasp, as you surpass the last of the rat pack and the hooks in your back slowly take up the slack. You return to the ocean, swim free at all corners of the map, tow it out to sea and scuttle it!

Chorus (variation)
I’ve lived in London, I know what it’s like.
You keep your head down and avoid the signs
The worlds a circle with a cross inside.
One target market. Pay up! It’s time to buy!

Verse 4
Picked up and cut up in an unlicensed taxi
Can’t afford the rent so you’re selling your jacksy
See where the Queen lives and spends your taxes
Try an East End pub, see how a gangster relaxes
Mugged by a man who calls himself Guvnor
Is he a wanker? No, he’s a Londoner

The kings by the river gonna loot your future. UH! x9


from POW, released October 9, 2015
Guest vocals written and performed by PL-ease and Teeth Collider




The Hate Eighties Glasgow, UK

The Hate Eighties are archeologists of the future using the prism of the past to reflect a bleak present you just haven't realised you live in yet.

The Hate Eighties are an everymedia project designed for full audience interaction. They are fashion, sex, power, microwaves, tropical holidays, TV celebrity worship, and working/sleeping/recreation for eight hours apiece.

They are your life.
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