Live Feed (Bait)

from by The Hate Eighties

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"I once read this book called 'How to be a Millionaire' and it had this one central philosophy: for every decision you make, you have to ask yourself, will this contribute to me becoming a millionaire? If the answer was ever no, then you didn't do it. If it was yes, you did. I mean, just stop and think about that for a second. Imagine the people you'd piss off. Imagine the things you'd deprive yourself of. I mean, would it work? Hell, probably. If literally everything you did was in pursuit of something and you really didn't care who you disappointed or betrayed and you had no moral compass, yeah, I guess. How could that not work?" -Thomas Figgs


Verse 1:
Blissful pirouetting squares of light
Vibrating happily all the day and night
24 Hours “you can have what I have”
All you’ve got to do is put on this mask
Best of offers in the masquerade
Turn around so we can penetrate
Call now we’ll turn the feelings on again

Feeling. Feelin’
Is like breathing. Breathing
We’re feeding, feeding.
You’re believing, leaving

There’s always easy-listening or Oblivion
With interest rates to suit everyone
21 flavours of poisonous gas
We’ll happily take plastic, credit or cash
Instruction manual for an early grave
Keep on digging and you’ve got it made
Tell your children not to hesitate
The time to care is through



from POW, released October 9, 2015




The Hate Eighties Glasgow, UK

The Hate Eighties are archeologists of the future using the prism of the past to reflect a bleak present you just haven't realised you live in yet.

The Hate Eighties are an everymedia project designed for full audience interaction. They are fashion, sex, power, microwaves, tropical holidays, TV celebrity worship, and working/sleeping/recreation for eight hours apiece.

They are your life.
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