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The Hate Eighties
POW is part one of three of a transmedia story created by Sebastian & Lucius and set in the 1180s. For more of the story go to www.hateeighties.com

Additional material and journal entries written by John Urquhart Ferguson, Mark Edward McKeown and Sara Hill


released October 9, 2015

Sebastian: Vocals, Keys, Programming, Guitars, Production, Mixing
Lucius: Vocals, Keys, Programming, Guitars, Bass, Production, Mixing, Mastering

PL-ease and Teeth Collider: Guest vocals writing and performance on LONDON
JP-E and Bobby Raygun: Guest vocals writing and performance on Modern Life and EPSIO

Additional Project Credits:

Bob Rafferty, Alan Peacock, Mark McKeown, John Urquhart Ferguson, Gilleathain McLean and Sara Hill

Bob Rafferty, Alan Peacock, Annmarie Burns Lochrie, John Urquhart Ferguson, Emily Rose Penn, Sara Hill

Direction, Lead Design and Visual Effects:
Bob Rafferty

Additional Visual Effects and Visual Effect Supervision:
John Urquhart Ferguson

Make Up:
Sara Hill




The Hate Eighties Glasgow, UK

The Hate Eighties are archeologists of the future using the prism of the past to reflect a bleak present you just haven't realised you live in yet.

The Hate Eighties are an everymedia project designed for full audience interaction. They are fashion, sex, power, microwaves, tropical holidays, TV celebrity worship, and working/sleeping/recreation for eight hours apiece.

They are your life.
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Track Name: The Hate Eighties ft JP-E vs Bobby Raygun - Modern Life
Verse 1
This here’s the brother you’re wantin’, bae
Don’t take no chances with your romances
I see the love in your eyes when you see my Cryståise
Let’s see if I can make some time for you
I’ll buy you and your girl some bub
I flash more green than the traffic light
Down in the club there’s no line and there’s no closing time
Maybe I could make you my VIP

I just can’t face it!
What is it you can’t face?
I just can’t face it!

I’m in denial!
I just can’t face it!
What is it you can’t face?
I just can’t face it!
Modern life!

Verse 2
(Bobby Raygun)
Where the girls at?

I got more rhymes than a ride’s got thrills
Satisfied, gratified, like ringing tills
Throw off your diamonds. Throw off your pills.
The early bird catches the girls.
Set you down on ma’ ‘W’ linen.
First to the finish line. Baby, I’m winnin’
Angel tonight, but I got you sinnin’
A hundred to one, but ‘You’re one in a million’
And I want my LA mocking jay.
Hentai? Oh my! What we do today?
Got so many hanz that they call me mr zimmer.
A dream inside a dream. Watch me waving in the mirror.
Temperature is higher than a m*********ckin’ fever
Phone camera flash got you shakin’ like a seizure
Star 69 so we can both be the receiver
Kneel down at my alter I’ll make you a believer.

Modern life!
Can’t face it! Can’t face it! x2
Track Name: The Beat of Your Heart
Verse 1
The beat of our heart
The bass in your soul
Just keeps on pumping
It takes control
And we’re on fire
It burns inside
I’m with desires
I cannot hide
I need only you
Here in my arms
Take me forever
In your charms

Yeah yeah yeah-eh! X2

The wheels glide along the glistening highway
Like fingers caressing skin
The steering wheel anticipates every touch, every tiny movement
With each acceleration your heartbeat quickens
This is passion
This is movement
This is your life
(Verse 1 repeats in background)

This is passion
This is movement
This is your life
Track Name: Glory
Chorus 1
It’s all for the glory
And the grace and the green
Baby, don’t you worry
Replace, rewind and repeat
And repeat

Verse 1
Just like phosphorous burns. Prying
The curtain turns. Now I can’t
Ever dream again.
I was suplexed on your Pay-Per-View
They nailed my wife and children too
High fives all round

Chorus 2
It’s all blood guts and glory,
And the mace and the screams
It’s all for the story
Replace, rewind and repeat
Like a bitter dream

Verse 2
Just like lipstick red cherry lips
They blamed me for unhappy kids on a
List of the top ten tales of shame
I wore spandex and a bridal gown on the
Front cover of every town
The neighbourhood watch made me a household name

I’m calling, waiting for the prime-time murder
A life these days is cheap as a Niedriger burger
Go larger for just a few cents more
The grave is deeper for just a few cents more

Go Larger
Go Deeper
Dream on
Track Name: Live Feed (Bait)
Verse 1:
Blissful pirouetting squares of light
Vibrating happily all the day and night
24 Hours “you can have what I have”
All you’ve got to do is put on this mask
Best of offers in the masquerade
Turn around so we can penetrate
Call now we’ll turn the feelings on again

Feeling. Feelin’
Is like breathing. Breathing
We’re feeding, feeding.
You’re believing, leaving

There’s always easy-listening or Oblivion
With interest rates to suit everyone
21 flavours of poisonous gas
We’ll happily take plastic, credit or cash
Instruction manual for an early grave
Keep on digging and you’ve got it made
Tell your children not to hesitate
The time to care is through

Track Name: Let's Get Worse
Verse 1
I wanna see your soul
So move your body till it breaks
Baby, I am in control
From the frame to the shimmy shakes
Show me all your secrets
With that smile on your face
I can offer you respect
I will put you in your place

Make your love a fist
And then hit me where it hurts
I can never resist
Come on baby let’s get worse

Verse 2
I can see your lens
The eye of the devil
Of my truths I am cleansed
In my image you will revel

Middle Eight
You’re less than human to me, baby. x4

Track Name: Time Piece
Verse 1
I was walking through the desert
When a man came up to me and said ‘Mr, would you like to buy a watch?’
‘It’s gold and silver. I really think you need to buy it.’
I said, ‘oh yes! Please sir, I’d like to buy this watch. I want nothing more’
‘Please sell it to me. I want it now. This need is something I can not ignore’

Middle Eight
Time is running out
Bottle the ocean. Bottle the ocean and the stars.
Bottle the ocean. Bottle the ocean and those little dreams lost at sea.

I was walking through the desert
When a man came up to me and said ‘Mr, would you like to buy a watch?’
‘It’s gold and silver. I really think you need to buy it.’
I said, ‘oh yes! Please sir, I’d like to buy this watch. I want nothing more’
‘Please sell it to me. I want it now. This need is something I can not ignore’
Track Name: The Hate Eighties ft Bobby Raygun and JP-E - EPSIO
Verse 1
(Bobby Raygun)
What follows footprints in the snow
Fading with every candle light that I blow
This journey from the cradle to the grave
Shaped by every memory I tried to save

We’re gonna burn it all
The house they built will fall
Now we’ll return
To the life that we must learn


(Bobby Raygun)
Before these things are laid to rest
Wrapped in this cloak of dreams in which I invest
Where marks of chisel and the hammer made
Destroyed, forgotten memories I tried to save

All this time
Desire was designed
’N all this time
Your want in words defined

Track Name: You Must Be Joking
Verse 1
You’ve got to know that this is my trick hand
You’ve got to see that this is your, your fantasy
You’ve got to fear. You’ve got to fear what you don’t know
You’ve got to need what you don’t own

You must be joking x4

Middle Eight
When I was young. We’d stare into the sky
and watch the flames rise
When I was young. We’d stare into the sky
and watch the planes fly

America, land of the free
Burn brightly on my TV
A miracle land of the free
Shot through with ecstasy

Track Name: The Hate Eighties ft PL-ease and Teeth Collider - LONDON
I’ve been to London, I know what it’s like
Just keep your head down and you, you live your life
The worlds a circle with a cross inside
We’re one big target. Wake up! It’s time to die!

Verse 1
Got a tiny flat for the price of a castle
Damp on the walls. Just a sink in the bathroom
(Teeth Collider)
The roads less travelled
Full of danger and mystery
(Teeth Collider)
Well, the roads most traveled are
Quite often touristy
Food so good that it’s almost sickening
Check out the museum of Natural History
Go and see a show at the fashionable West End
(Teeth Collider)
You pick the right one
You might see a legend
(Teeth Collider)
Go and have some laughter at the comedy store
Have a drink in Soho if you want to be bored
Travel on the tube if you’re going far
Save a bit of money with an Oyster card!


Verse 2
(Teeth Collider)
Yo! Yo!
It’s out bread disease, grown immune to fire
They stamp down the dead while the buildings get higher
You call me a taxi,
(Teeth Collider)
I’ll call you a liar
If you think your journey’s worth a single penny to the buyer
A scar of tiny tumours, a recursive perpendicular
The cattle runs to bolt guns on the North Circular
A life spent in orbit. A treadmill, sugar coated,
And every place you think you have to be is unimportant.
Mass unemployment and class disappointment equals metaphysical education rollin’ station to station as you run out of patience in the mud, trash, rot and heavy water, cause the Thames is full of blood and the mayor’s a fuckin’ rotter.


Verse 3
(Teeth Collider)
Neo-pagans are cut rate Fagin’s holdin’ stay-ins in the shape of pretty vacants who display no affectations of abatin’, hatin’ the waste taste the position their parents paid, prayed, faked and raped to obtain them
Well a network of agents choke down libations. Reptilian inclinations awaiting their transformation. ‘Cause outside the water’s raising to wash away foundations to leave you drowning and waving. We’re just bait for the next stage in the manifestation of the hex, sex and death of the pyramid x-ray. The Centre Point death ray. Comets smear the blackened sky and where are heroes. Not here, no no just Nero fat Ground Zero fiddling as the shuttle hits.
One last gasp, as you surpass the last of the rat pack and the hooks in your back slowly take up the slack. You return to the ocean, swim free at all corners of the map, tow it out to sea and scuttle it!

Chorus (variation)
I’ve lived in London, I know what it’s like.
You keep your head down and avoid the signs
The worlds a circle with a cross inside.
One target market. Pay up! It’s time to buy!

Verse 4
Picked up and cut up in an unlicensed taxi
Can’t afford the rent so you’re selling your jacksy
See where the Queen lives and spends your taxes
Try an East End pub, see how a gangster relaxes
Mugged by a man who calls himself Guvnor
Is he a wanker? No, he’s a Londoner

The kings by the river gonna loot your future. UH! x9
Track Name: Damocles
Verse 1
The handsome reporter says ‘don’t make a sound’
As they cover your mouth with the cold black tape
They promised a garden made of oil and steel
Building an empire of greed, war and rape

Yellow bellied motherfuckers burn the hospitals down
Yellow bellied motherfuckers burn the colleges down x2

Verse 2
Hallelujah! Praise the lord
I woke up on fire
I bow to my TV set
My god the liar.
I clap my hands and walk the line
Cover myself and fold, fold, fold


verse 3
The burning black headlines read ‘don’t be afraid.
Report you neighbours and reap the rewards’
A nation imprisoned
Freedom beneath the sword

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